Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Initial Training Program


No formal continuing education is offered for this initial training program.  However, some colleges may award credit to students who demonstrate complete attendance, successful completion, and subsequent certification as an EMT.


The former certification of EMT-Basic is being replaced nationwide by Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  Initial training programs across the state are being revamped.  Our redesigned course is still being developed, so specifics are not availble if they are not described here.

This program prepares candidates for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician according to the current New Jersey implementation of the USDOT National EMS Education Standards for EMT.  Total scheduled class time is approximately 200-250 hours, will vary by student, and does not include out of class assignments and study.  Our program includes additional pertinent enrichment education and structured hospital clinical experiences at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital beyond the minimum state requirements.  Eligible adult graduates will be offered endorsement to take the prevailing state EMT written certification examination.


Date(s) & Time(s)


To be determined.  Tuition payable to "Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital."

Acceptance of the NJ EMT Training Fund Certificate of Eligibility from an eligible NJ volunteer ambulance agency will be considered only after sufficient reimbursement increase is approved by the NJ Department of Health.  At this time, for a variety of reasons, the initial 2014 offering will not utilize the NJ EMT Training Fund.