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No formal credit or certificate is awarded.


This 22-minute home course is designed to meet the needs of the general public who do not traditionally attend CPR courses. Currently:

CPR Anytime is a tool that can help increase survival rates in communities across the country.  People who receive the CPR Anytime kits are able to share lifesaving skills with their loved ones by using the kit to train their entire family.  Using a multiplier effect, studies have shown that for every single CPR Anytime kit used for training, an average of 2.5 people learn how to perform CPR.

The American Heart Association's CPR Anytime personal learning programs for families and community members we offer include

More information on all of these products is available from the American  Heart Association CPR Anytime web site.


There are no formal prerequisites.  Students are expected to practice the various rescue techniques on a training manikin.

Date(s) & Time(s)

This is not a scheduled course, it is a self-study kit available for purchase from our Training Center.


$35.00 per kit, which may be reused a limited number of times.

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